Hardlevel is a Waste Management operator whose core business is Used Cooking Oil (UCO) management under
the current accreditation of the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification – ISCC-EU,
within the European legislation for Sustainable Biofuels.

Hardlevel has set itself a benchmark company in which relates with UCO management.
Hardlevel’s success relies on its vertically integrated business structure that extends from UCO Selective Collection
until its valorization on Advanced Biofuel production feedstock.

Hardlevel possesses several logistics platforms in Portugal, including Madeira and Azores Islands.
Moreover, Hardlevel also operates from Rotterdam Port (Netherlands),
in a high-quality tank terminal right in heart of Rotterdam and commercial trading of Europe and Asia.


Hardlevel team is committed to provide excellent and efficient services, in a consistent and permanent way, to ensure a continuous satisfaction of its clients
and business partners.


Based on assumptions such as quality, excellence and innovation, Hardlevel’s
goal is to be European leader in UCO management of supply.


  • November

    Founding of HARDLEVEL, Energias Renováveis, LDA.

  • September

    Inauguration of the Biodiesel production unit at the Support Center for Business Creation in the Transmontan Northeast.

  • January

    Change of facilities to Valadares.

  • July

    Certification of Hardlevel (ISCC-EU).

  • September

    HARDLEVEL launches "Operation Rotterdam" (Treatment and Storage of OAU).

  • April

    New Facilities of "Avanca" with 2000 CBM's.


    HARDLEVEL Certification By ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

  • November

    Beginning of the Prio Top Level project, which aims to encourage the collection of UCO's in the domestic sector.

  • February

    Installation of the first Advanced Prio Top Level UCO Containers.

  • January

    Start of installation of Simple UCO Containers in the Municipal Network of UCO collection.


    HARDLEVEL starts activity in Port Klang in Malaysia (Treatment and Storage of UCO).


    HARDLEVEL Certification (Italian National Scheme Certification).


    Nox Energy established, expanding activity to Valencia (Treatment and Storage of UCO).


    HARDLEVEL starts, it's activity in Antwerp (Treatment and Storage of UCO).

  • November

    Inauguration of new facilities in Vila Nova de Gaia.

  • January

    Start of new project for management of Smart Cities: I-ON LEVEL.



We are guided for a constant force in establishing goals that
stimulate and challenge our skills. In that way, we maintain constant the resilient and brave attitude of our organization.


We try to optimize the use of our resources, maximizing its return. We promote an healthy competition in developing long term projects.

Social Responsibility

Our group spirit and solidarity drive us actively to the improvement of society, with strong environmental concern and development of human knowledge.


We are a consistent team that is committed and devoted
until an idea is fully

Developed by Hardlevel

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISCC